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A membership body for Professional Mediators in Ireland

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  • 4 Oct 2022 6:54 PM | Anonymous

    The Board of IPMO are pleased to announce the creation of a discounted student membership fee for those who are studying mediation. Students who are undertaking a mediation programme at third level can join IPMO for a fee of €20 which will allow student members to attend some IPMO member sessions and events.

    Student members will receive the IPMO Bulletin which will announce which events student members can attend. It is an excellent opportunity for those studying mediation to be involved in interactive events with established mediators and those starting their mediation practice. IPMO is holding a series of events on the week of November 7th to 11th for International Mediation Awareness week which kicks off with a workshop on ‘Putting your best professional foot forward’ on starting your mediation practice; followed by another of our ‘In conversation with’ informal interviews where Dr Roisin O’Shea the Chair of IPMO speaks to international mediators about their professional journey.

    All sessions/events are on Zoom .

    To join the IPMO as a "Friend of IPMO (Student)", click here

    Remember that you may be asked for proof of enrolment. 

  • 16 Sep 2022 12:38 PM | Anonymous

    To mark the first anniversary of the Irish Professional Mediators' Organisation, we are hosting a series of online webinars for our members. 

    The "In Conversation With" series will see international mediators interviewed in a conversational style by the IPMO's chair, Dr Roisin O'Shea. The purpose is to give mediators who are starting out an understanding of how experienced mediators developed their professional skills. 

    To learn more, join the IPMO

  • 10 Mar 2022 11:03 AM | Anonymous

    Chair of IPMO and Partner in Arc Mediation Dr Roisin O'Shea was invited to speak at a webinar hosted by the ADR Institute of Alberta and the Foundation of Administrative Justice on February 17th 2022.

    Support for the regulation of mediation in Canada has waxed and waned over the years. Many Canadian practitioners agree that some form of oversight is needed although many cannot agree why. One of the strongest arguments against regulation is the cost involved to set up regulatory bodies which would likely mean higher professional membership fees for mediators. But there is more than one way to consider regulation and in this webinar Dr Roisin O'Shea and Paul Pierse from Ireland speak about their experience in Ireland post the commencement of the Mediation Act, 2017, what changes it brought and what work still needs to be done.

  • 18 Jan 2022 7:03 PM | Anonymous

    The official press launch of our organisation is taking place this week.  Dr Róisín O’Shea is the first Chair of the IPMO and makes the following announcement on behalf of our Board.  

    "I am very excited to announce the arrival of our new professional membership organisation for mediators, the Irish Professional Mediators’ Organisation, ‘IPMO’, a non-profit CLG. We have an amazing and diverse Board of experienced mediators and industry experts who are passionately committed to the development of mediation as a profession in Ireland, and we are already working with members to bring mediation front and centre as the best dispute resolution option.

    Conflict is inevitable and can be found everywhere, varying in duration, intensity and scale. In Ireland and internationally there is both a growing recognition and re-embracing of mediation as more often than not the best forum to try and resolve a dispute.

    My first introduction to peace-making was during informal meetings with George Mitchell and the American team during the Good Friday negotiations in the early 1990s. His patient and pragmatic approach, taking one bite-sized piece of the issues at a time, made a lasting impression on me and underpins my own work as a mediator today. We are reminded of how fragile lasting peace can be when significant change brings about new conflict, as has happened with Northern Ireland and Brexit, but through negotiation there is always a way to seek compromise, and it is our role as mediators to move disputants away from ultimatums or all or nothing thinking towards compromise and workable solutions.

    As Chair of IPMO I bring 12 years of mediation experience having completed hundreds of cases and alongside that work I have carried out research in the Irish Courts to try and understand why families seek solutions through litigation. In case after case, I observed Judges recommending mediation and State policy also supports the use of mediation for civil disputes. The introduction of legislation to place mediation on a statutory footing is a very welcome initiative, but the Mediation Act 2017 is not a sticking plaster for the core problem of persuading people away from the courts and towards mediation. That is a job of work that IPMO will tackle, we must help the public to imagine themselves trying mediation where they self-determine their own solutions rather than handing over decision-making to a third-party authority.

    The formation of the Mediation Council of Ireland is a key component of the Mediation Act 2017, its role including the promotion of public awareness of mediation, maintaining and developing mediation standards and setting up a national register of mediators. The establishment of that Council is imminent which is why IPMO needed to come into being. There are 5 seats on that Council to represent the interests of mediators and mediation services, and as one of only 2 professional membership bodies for mediators in Ireland we are seeking a seat. The work of the Mediation Council will be crucial to the development of mediation in Ireland and the IPMO team have the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to work to achieve a future Ireland where mediation is always the first preference for dispute resolution. "

    - Chair of IMPO Dr Róisín O’Shea  

    Photo: The Board of IPMO: Top row L-R Dr Róisín O’Shea, Marie Casey, Ercus Stewart SC, Anastasia Ward, Fredericka Sheppard. Bottom row L-R Joseph Ateb, Penelope McRedmond, Mary Connors Aldrige, Shane Dempsey, Gareth Leech

  • 7 Jan 2022 12:16 PM | Anonymous

    Dr Roisin O'Shea, Chair of the Irish Professional Mediators Organisation CLG, has been selected as a Judge for the 17th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition.

    Students from Universities and Colleges all over the world will compete on 48 teams, their performance being evaluated by some of the world's leading Dispute Resolution specialists who participate as judges. The competition is an annual educational event that seeks to encourage the effective use of mediation and the open exchange of ideas, experience and know-how between students and professionals from different countries, cultures, generations and backgrounds. In commenting on her appointment Dr O' Shea said

    "I am delighted to be selected as a judge and fully support the aims of this international event which places an emphasis on cultural diversity in line with a key objective of IPMO. Our organisation through our Supervision and Mentorship programmes also supports the exchange of ideas and experience between experienced mediators and new entrants, which transitions newly qualified mediators into professional practice. The support provided by experienced mediators will help develop the professional service of mediation in Ireland and will ensure that the users of mediation will ultimately benefit". 

    The event which will take place from February 7th to 15th 2022 is run by the International Chamber of Commerce, 'ICC', who have over 100 years of experience in devising rules to govern and facilitate the conduct of international business. 

  • 26 Nov 2021 2:06 PM | Anonymous

    Welcome to the website of the Irish Professional Mediators' Organisation (IPMO). The IPMO were set up by mediators, legal and HR professionals to further the professional development of mediation in Ireland. We are a rapidly growing organisation with more than 50 members as of the launch of our website. 

    You can learn about our organisation, its Board of Directors and Committees here

    Interested parties can learn about our membership categories and apply to be members of the IPMO here. Stakeholders who aren't mediators can join our organisations as "Friends of IPMO" which will enable them to help influence the professionalisation of mediation in Ireland. 

    Details of events for the public and our members will be publicised on our Events page. 

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