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ADR Alberta - Panel on Irish Mediation Legislation

10 Mar 2022 11:03 AM | Anonymous

Chair of IPMO and Partner in Arc Mediation Dr Roisin O'Shea was invited to speak at a webinar hosted by the ADR Institute of Alberta and the Foundation of Administrative Justice on February 17th 2022.

Support for the regulation of mediation in Canada has waxed and waned over the years. Many Canadian practitioners agree that some form of oversight is needed although many cannot agree why. One of the strongest arguments against regulation is the cost involved to set up regulatory bodies which would likely mean higher professional membership fees for mediators. But there is more than one way to consider regulation and in this webinar Dr Roisin O'Shea and Paul Pierse from Ireland speak about their experience in Ireland post the commencement of the Mediation Act, 2017, what changes it brought and what work still needs to be done.

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